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IAM Strong Foundation

Posted by Alicia Yeh on Apr 15, 2015



  Emily Medina and Carol Morrison-Deutsch

The IAM Strong Foundation works to shatter the stigma associated with teen mental health issues, emphasizing the need to treat mental health issues no differently than physical health issues.

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Lifetime Fitness

Posted by Alicia Yeh on Apr 06, 2015
Michael Diatelevi of Lifetime Fitness
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Korean Spirit & Culture Promotion Project (KSCPP)

Posted by Alicia Yeh on Mar 30, 2015

KSCPP - Korean Spirit and Culture Promotion Project 

Korean Culture and Modern Korean Advances

Hangul: The Language of Compassion

‚ÄčYounhee Shin, the Program Coordinator for KSCPP along with Kyung Pak came all the way from New York for the day to speak to our group. Founded in 2005, the KSCPP’s aim was to introduce the history and culture of Korea to the world. They not only shared Korean history and its contributions but also focused on the modern innovations that Korea now enjoys and shares with the rest of the world.Korean Spirit & Culture Promotion Project (KSCPP).

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